Information on Courses Offered

Meridian Educational Network programs are designed for home study. Each Meridian subject is representative of the same subject taught in either a 12 or 24 hour classroom format.

It allows student to undertake academic subjects at home and use their available classroom time for hands-on or skill development courses.



Each subject has been developed using the core guidelines for the same subject offered in a classroom environment at the International Academy Health Education Centre. The International Academy fully accredits this program and upon successful completion of a subject, the International Academy will grant academic credit for the subject, as applicable, at the time of registration in a career program offered at the Academy through its three schools: International Academy of Massage, International Academy of Natural Health Sciences and International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine –

The highly qualified academic advisors who contributed to the development of a subject are noted at the beginning of each presentation.

Current Subjects Required Textbook

Anatomy/Physiology 1

Anatomy/Physiology 2

Anatomy/Physiology 3

Anatomy/Physiology 4

Primary textbook: for use in Anatomy/Physiology 1 to 4

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Elaine N. Marieb

Anatomy 5

Anatomy 6

Anatomy 7

Anatomy 8

Primary textbooks: for use in Anatomy 5 to 8.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 5th edition, written by Keith L. Moore and Arthur F. Dalley.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 11th edition, written by Gerand J. Tortora and Sandra Reynolds Grabowski.

Secondary textbooks: for use in Anatomy 5 to 8.

Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology, 9th edition, Elaine N. Marieb R.N., Ph. D Person Education, Inc. San Francisco, 2006.

Trail Guide to the Human Body, 3rd edition, written by Andrew Biel.

Aromatherapy 3 No textbook
Aromatherapy 4 No textbook
Nutrition 1 No textbook
Pathology 1 No textbook

Physiology 5

Physiology 6

Physiology 7

Physiology 8

Primary textbook: for use in Physiology 5 to 8.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 12th edition, written by Gerand J. Tortora and Sandra Reynolds Grabowski.

Secondary textbook: for use in Physiology 5 to 8.

Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 5th edition, written by Keith L. Moore and Arthur F. Dalley.

(the books may be purchased through your local book supplier or through the Academy by contacting

Research 1/Interpretive Studies No textbook


Each subject is $245 (plus HST as applicable) plus textbook. IAHEC registered students pay the current early bird tuition fee plus $35.

Students receive a printed student guide, disc for assignments and final examinations can either be taken at the Academy or arrangements can be made in your area in you are farther than 150Km from Ottawa.

How Do I Order:

Email to: - include your Name, Address, email address, telephone number

Administration Introduction:

To assist the administration of a student's pathway during his/her study of Meridian Educational programs, a student will be provided with an I.D. number, which must appear on all correspondence to the Academy. A set of policy & procedural guidelines, which includes Academic Honesty and Examination information, is located on the Meridian website.

• Questions:

If you have questions regarding the administration or procedural aspects of Meridian Educational Network, please email: or call 1-800-267-8732. Attention: Anka Pera

Subject support questions are to be directed to, with subject line stated as "Questions Anatomy 5". So, even though the student is learning at home, help is available to assist as necessary. The tuition fee for each subject automatically includes the provision for a student to ask up to 10 questions by email, without charge. For students who would like additional support, packages of 5 enquires may be purchased for $25.00 plus GST., from administration.

• Assignments:

If an assignment in a particular subject is required to be submitted for grading, instructions for sending it to the Academy will be indicated on the assignment. The assignments must be submitted prior to writing the examination.

• Completion Time:

Each subject will provide the student with the estimated number of hours required to complete the course of study. Meridian Educational Network courses are designed to meet the time goals as established by the student and as such, a student may complete the subject requirements within the range of 1 week to 3 months from the date the course materials are provided to the student.

It is recommended, a student complete one level of study before undertaking the next level in the same subject area, e.g. A/P 1 to be completed before starting A/P 2, however, in the Anatomy/Physiology distance education series, this is not a requirement. For all subjects a student may also proceed to the next level without having taken the final examination for the preceding module, providing all assignments for the previous unit have been submitted. He/she must have completed the examination prior to starting the 3rd unit in a series.


To maintain the quality of the educational effort a student commits to his/her study, it is important to evaluate the progress on a basis that is equitable to all students and provides support to the standards supporting the education.

While it is recommended a student undertake each examination one at a time, a student may elect to complete up to two final examinations on the same date, in order to reduce travel time or for his/her personal convenience.

Step One:

Step Two:

Examination Location:

  1. If you live within a radius of 160Km of the Academy, the examination will be conducted at the Academy. There is no examination fee.

  2. If you live outside of that distance, then the examination must be supervised by a proctor/invigilator at a location in your area and a person whom is not related to you.

    • There is a $50.00 administrative fee for this option for administration, payable prior to the examination being sent to the proctor.

    • To help make this as flexible as possible a proctor/invigilator may be anyone of the following persons:

      • A teacher or retired teacher

      • An employee of a financial institution

      • An employee of a law firm

      • An employee of a medical firm

      • A Private Health Practitioner who has worked for at least 2 years

      • A member of a regulated health discipline

      • An employee of a Provincial, State or Federal Government Department/Agency who supervises at least one person

      • A member of the clergy

    • Any payment arrangements or fee for the proctoring, will be between the student and the proctor. This will avoid the necessity of a student being required to pay the Academy a surcharge and it subsequently reimbursing the proctor.

    • The student will be asked to submit a form for approval and the proctor will then be asked to accept the responsibilities of invigilation.

      • This can be accomplished by mail, fax and/or email.

      • The proctor will be sent the examination, guideline instructions and a return envelope to return the examination.

      • The location may be of your choice but it should be a place that affords you quiet and away from interruptions.

Note: The Academy reserves the right to amend the foregoing and will post such amendments on its website.